"Being fit isn't all about muscles and the number you see on the scale...its a lifestyle, a healthy way of living that's best fit for you." -Coach Bruno

With BAMFIT Wellness we'll take a deep look at your health considering your exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress levels, recovery methods and daily habits that lead to healthy lifestyle. My main goal here is to reconnect to your truest self, and just help you be more you again. 

If you're new to fitness, just finding your way back, need a hand designing a workout program, or guidance with everyday healthy habits I am here to help.

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*Adult & Child CPR/ AED (2022-2024)

*Certified NASM Personal Trainer (2019-2021)

*Certified TRX Suspension Trainer (2019-Current)

*Certified Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor (2017-Current)

-Former Coach/Project Coordinator Precision Fitness HK (2019-2020)

-Former Indoor Cycling Instructor/ Special Projects Coordinator XYZ by The Art of XYZ (2016-2019)

-12 years retail  experience in Sales, Management, & PR in Hong Kong (2014-2016) and USA (2002-2012)




Train one on one with personal training, BAMFIT 45, and Virtual PT sessions.

Group Fitness

Connect with other like-minded individuals and train together. With Buddy Workouts, BAMFIT Class and Community Class you never have to workout alone.

Stretch & Breath

Stretch & breathe in my very own "flow" class. This class goes through static and dynamic stretches, along with foam rolling and breath- work.


Let's get together once each quarter to kick off the season. Join me, fellow BAMFIT members, previous members and friends for a free group class training. Stay in touch with events in the member forum for group hikes and more. 

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La Quinta, CA 92253

WhatsApp: +852 9774-6593


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