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BAMFIT 45 w/member Celia

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Forty Five minutes is just enough for this momma! Member Celia has been taking 45 minutes to train with me with the new BAMFIT 45.

Even when Celia is not training with me, she’s doing her workout videos on her own, or going for a swim to get that workout in. With her food portions back under control, Celia has been seeing good results with me and with work we‘ve been doing postnatal.

Having a trainer again has given Celia the guidance and attention she needs to focus on her bodies specific needs, while working with her new schedule as mommy. Now that she has re-introduced a workout regime, gotten her meals in check, and giving more attention to her rest and recovery, Celia is able to do more with her family feeling strong as ever.

Here’s to all the hard working momma’s out there.🙌 Keep up the good work Celia!

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